Legends of Fantasy: Rise of the Supreme – Version: 1.1 (Ongoing)

Game Informations

Legends of Fantasy: Rise of the Supreme which is a work in progress lewd rpgmaker,
experience that is heavily inspired by Renryuu Ascension, Roundscape Adorevia and The Last Sovereign.
You will be able to play as the protagonist which you can name however you want.
Additionally, while the inherent design is supposed to be androgynous, it will be up to you to project your own gender onto the character.
There are many different characters that might join your journey depending on your actions.
Each potential companion that is currently implemented in the game has at least one artwork of sexual nature,
as well as a fully realized fullbody artwork.

The game itself let’s you take control of your own destiny.
After arriving on the continent of vulpes; a continent divided under many rulers and three separate kingdoms,
you are free to explore the world at your own discretion.
Together with your friends, lovers or simply companions you will have to prepare yourself,
for an upcoming demonic invasion that is cultivating in the shadows.
Everything beyond this point would probably spoil some twists and turns,
but be aware that you will have to raise armies to prepare for the invasion.​

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How to install?

  • Extract the compressed file to an specific folder.
    (If you get error in winrar, use DAEMON tool lite to mount the compressed file as a disk and then copy the game files from that virtual disk.)
  • Open the folder and run the .exe file to play.

System Requirements:

  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 826.61 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Legends of Fantasy: Rise of the Supreme – Ongoing – Version 1.1 Download Links

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