Love, Election And Chocolate – Version: Final (Ongoing)

Game Informations

Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who doesn’t like chocolates. They are lifelong friends and students of the same school. They both belong to the food club with Mifuyu, their classmate. Actually, they don’t do anything everyday, just enjoying chatting… But one day, Satsuki, president candidate of the student council, promises to close the clubs that do nothing. To stop it, they decide to run against her… But who will they send out…? Yes, Yuuki is forced to run for the election… To save the club, he will just need to be the next president!​

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How to install?

  • You have to change locale to Japanese(AppLocale is reported to not working with the game).
  • Changing to Japanese locale on Windows 7
  • No need to install. You have to stop the seeding in order to play(start.exe cannot be operated while used by another program). Run start.exe, copy the serial in the text file and paste it in the empty space, then click on the first button under the empty space to play.
  • Notes:
  • It seems that start.exe is not compatible with every system. If you got an “insert DVD” message, try moving the game folder to another local disc, turning off your Antivirus program, deleting all folders with saves and configuration files, start as admin or restart your PC. If nothing helps, you’ll need to find an image file of the game and keep it mounted in your virtual drive in order to bypass the “insert DVD” message. For those who having a problem about loading crash thingy on windows 10. You have to make your locale into Japanese then add an optional feature of the Japanese font (Settings > System > Apps & features > Manage optional features > Add a feature > then download and install Japanese Supplemental Fonts.
  • There’s a translated opening video in the translator’s site.
  • The game is updated.
  • !!! You can also try this No DVD crack: #1899574

System Requirements:

  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 3.50 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Love, Election And Chocolate – Ongoing – Version Final Download Links

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